BEAUTY;Curse or Cure?

I believe every generation comes with it’s curse.You might or might not want to believe in curses but look around you,don’t you think there’s something we all are too caught up in?Some thing that is sucking all our energy so that we are always complaining about depression.About being empty from inside.No matter how much we try to camouflage that feeling with socializing or drugs or sleep,it hits all of us like bombs hitting Syria these days.

We all try to act cool throwing the matter on tomorrow hoping it would be alright without us having to work on it.But are you promised tomorrow?What if you don’t have a tomorrow written for you?
Our generation is in so much mental pain because it has totally muffled the concept of beauty with its inner demons of lust.Since when did beauty started being pretty faces,skinny legs,big butts,six packs or beards.And if it is so,then why still after having it you’re unhappy?MashaAllah some of us live so much in nutshells that they do not even bother to depict their own meaning of beauty and blindly follow the trend.Seems like they too have been blindfolded by Mr.Grey.

I cannot possibly understand that how can we,the human race,forget something that life originates from.Something that is all which matters which decides if we are happy or sad.The soul.We are so caught up in bodies that we failed our souls.We have been keeping it hungry for so long now that it has started dying.What do we feed it on?Our soul is on a hardcore diet,it doesn’t accept anything other than beauty.What kind of beauty?Well that’s a good question now.Let me give you a tiny preface to how souls were made.

God took out His heart and divided it into little pieces called souls.The element of God,from which He’s made,is love.And that’s exactly the kind of beauty we feed our heart on,the beauty of love.How?Well that’s a good question too.Ever went out and been bumped by a beggar?Ever thought of giving him something rather than excusing?Maybe you can cut your some want and fill his need.Fill yourself with the satisfaction of sacrifice.
Ever seen someone abusing too much and in a bad temper?Bothered asking what’s troubling them so much to act that way instead of distancing yourself and thinking ill of them?Fill yourself with satisfaction of care.Ever seen opposite sex in distress and asked them what’s wrong instead of walking away in fear of them thinking you’re hitting on them?Let people know you noticed and you care enough to ask.Define your personality again with love so that tomorrow you too have someone to do the same for you.You see,loving selflessly triggers a chain reaction and everybody joins you.Stop waiting for others and start it yourself and see everybody jumping in to join you.Stop people from being abused,pick up a fallen wrapper,notice the falling lights,the sound of birds,the sky beyond the little buildings we’ve built to secure ourselves,notice a blooming flower and feel the wind kissing your body.NOTICE.

Why are we all running in the race of becoming robots,why have we made feeling a crime?Trust me if you think anything other than that kind of beauty can mend your broken soul,then live to regret.Feelings,feelings are what we are missing.World doesn’t host one way traffic,it’s two-way always.A few years from now,when you’d be having a wife,some kids and a family to support with you becoming a money producing machine,you’re going to regret every single moment you spent being ignorant and doing nothing for what you wanted.Start risking that little wild thing you have enclosed in your ribs(heart).It’s stronger than you think.

End depression,end this emptiness,Stop centering the world around yourself.Bro you gonna die anyway even if you earn millions and have a perfect carrier.Live in today.


Does Forever exist?

I have always found myself very repellent to relationships and people.The fact that everything,even the emotions we have for each other are so temporary and end into oblivion made me question if forever exist.
I found my answer now.To why there isn’t forever.To why our forever ends with us.The answer is to remind us where our human capabilities and limits end.The state of forever only God can have.The one who invented time and controls it.That is why even the most beautiful of things end.Relations,people,things,objects,all have to end to remind us of our power we have over circumstances or else we all would be God’s of our own life.
Time is going to pass and so will we.We’ll always have to risk our heart one more time,love one more time,trust,give,take and live one more time until we have the time.

It’s Okay :)

You are going to be treated as someone’s best choice only to be left as an option in the end but it’s okay.You’d love way too hard and make people your priority who would barely think about you but it’s okay.There will be days when your mind is going to kill you and there will be days when you will be numb to everything but it’s okay.You are going to give it your best shot only for it to turn against you and dash your hopes but trust me it’s okay.You are going to be punished for crimes you did not commit but it’s okay.

You cannot stop being you for a bunch of unworthy hypocrites.So it’s okay because yes a tree looks good with leaves but it has to face autumn in order to see summer.

You are going to feel like there is no summer to your autumn but trust me there is and it’s okay.Everything is only going to make you stronger and better and the right people will stay while God will save you from all the disappointments later.Remember this time too will pass away.Just be your best through your worst because it’s Okay 🙂

Imperfections ❤️

We spend our whole lives trying to find someone like ourselves to spend life with.In reality we really just need someone whose imperfections would fit ours.Because in order to make a metal stronger,one does not use the same metal rather a different element.The impurity added only makes it stronger and better compund.It is the same with humans.

One does not need someone with beautiful imperfections rather raw imperfections.Because refined things are always weaker than the raw ones.But well if once one finds the impurity it can add,One can think of getting weaker but only in order to get more stronger.

Fooled Into Oblivion (part 3)

Life itself has become a trend for everyone.Where all of us are following some other trend blindly and not knowing where are we headed.We have to change this trend and move forward.And in all of this we have left Allah somewhere behind.Today man has everything but faith.We all are trying to be so-called “practical” .We are only fooling ourselves into oblivion.

Everyone on earth is being fooled into oblivion.Some by their problems,others by their success.LOL we all are being fooled by each other.The poor looks at the rich and thinks he has to get there and for that he tries all means.The rich looks at the poor and thinks he has to get better than him.No one is satisfied,or at peace.What we do not understand is that humans are made of dust which will never have its fill of water(worldly wealth).The water evaporates and has to be fed again.We have to make the best of what we have and leave the rest to fate.We all lack communication because our minds are being controlled and therefore antenna’s of ones brain cannot catch the frequency of another because everyone is stuck in a different trend.

This is life,this fooling of our existence.Allah is watching and laughing at all of us thinking who will figure it out first and take a step.Because the irony is that Allah will not do anything because He has given us the power to make or break ourselves.

We are fooling ourselves by religion,by discrimination,by fame,by money,by hate,by love and by running.We all were supposed to fight,we have been given our fights but in stead we all have started running away thinking our problems have vanished but they stand at the same place.The day we will stop running,things will fall to perfection and that my friend,will never happen.Because perfection,only Allah can have.We just can be the best of ourselves.So we all are running and since we cannot face the angels,we started keeping demons to prevent us from going back because we lack courage.Because going back means fighting and ironically it is written for us to win all those fights and winning leads to perfection and that we cannot have.So the world will continue like this until Allah himself stops it.

All we can have is our peace by fighting our fights.

We have eyes but we have stopped seeing,Have ears but stopped listening,Have hands but stopped using them for good and Quran describes us as the worst of people.

And life my friend,is all about priorities.Allah does the same.The time He responds to you at depends on the number you are on,in His list.

Hum sab ko rehai chaeyay apne ap se(we all want to free ourselves) and we all are killing time hoping it will get alright in the end but it wont.Because we are only hoping and not doing anything about it.Aur intezar kartay kartay maut ajati ha magar samajh nahi ati(And waiting,death starts knocking our door but we don’t not understand).

We have applied limits to everything and to our thinking too.We have started living in our own bubbles of selfishness.Our so called personal space.The same bubbles suffocate us to regret one day.

We all hold the power to ourselves.Sakoon anay k liay ye samajhna zaruri ha k sakoon nahi aye ga!(To have peace it is necessary to understand that we will not have peace)!

Fooled Into Oblivion (Part 2)

dreamsThe yellow circle represents the sea of opportunities every educational institute says it provides.The small circle represents a person in that sea with all the coloured fragments showing the unfulfilled dreams.And all the black lines around the person and dreams show how all those opportunities fail to reach equality.That how they are sold on money and are only extended for people who can afford them.

One of the most bitter truth in life is that to give money one does not need a huge bank balance but a huge heart.Some times all we can do is watch our soul fading away at the hands of opportunities.I realised that how huge the world is and that how small we are in it.Almost all the educational institutes are running a game of fame.We are the players being controlled by the masterminds behind who are having pleasure since the control gives them a sense of superiority over us and this one feel is what the world is running after.

A competition is being hosted where nobody cares about educating.They are merely making robots.We think we are freeing ourselves through education but oh poor us,we are only being trapped by the system.A system,which has made education a dream.Which has made education a means of earning money,a trade.Everyone has given into the competition and parents are pushing their children into it but the question is that why is nobody questioning the system?Why is everybody trying to fit in this wrong trend?From the moment a child gets out of his mother’s womb,he is constantly being hit by this word education,education,education!Like dude,stop.The word has lost its meaning and this generation has started taking it for granted.They are forced out of their mother’s womb into a class teaching E=mc*.Rather they should be taught about morals,feelings,respect and love first.They should be taught about their first purpose on earth first.Then I see parents wondering why are their children so disrespectful and unthankful.Because honey you taught them about how to earn money but you never taught them how to value it.Parents wonder why they are not a priority to their children even after doing so much.Well because honey you put him in a school upon opening his eyes where he saw some hot girls and dudes first rather than you.

Many go along well with the system and do not think about it but those who do go into depression and then we wonder why is this generation so mentally ill.Because Allah made our minds to be used but ours are being controlled.Naturally our brain repels to this change but we do not want to understand and to suppress it we start taking anti depressants.We all have started fighting our brains when we are supposed to fight all these trends,these wrong changes.

Fooled Into Oblivion (Part 1)

Inability to control our emotions leads to chaos and man is driven by the urge to control.The inability to control his own emotions pains man.And he names it love(madness) so as not to beat his superiority complex (of having control over every thing).

This word control is where everything begins and ends at.

Life is harsh and the ways it chooses to make us learn are ironic.Many times it dashes our most wanted dreams to the ground to teach us the most important lessons in life.To make us see what others cannot.Ofcourse those dashed hopes take our courage with them bringing disappointment in us but again because of man’s inability to stay in a constant state forever,the blues pass away too.We have to rise again like skyscrapers.

I was sleeping in my fantasies and woke up on being hitten by a grenade.In fact,I woke up devastated,bewildered and in chaos.Now when the dust has settled,I have started collecting left pieces of myself.So I woke up only to realise that the world is doomed to chaos.There is a marathon going on.The more we run,the more we get evolved.Into what?Into oblivion.How?Let me explain